The Valor Resistance is an underground paramilitary movement with the intention of ousting the Federation Strike 7 and aiding the remaining American forces. It is made up of civilians fighting to break the occupation. During the time of the Occupation Of California, some people lived on before the Greater Rivera Federation occupation. For the past two years of the occupation, many Valor Resistances use guerrilla tactics, remaining weapons, years of training, new technology of their invaders, and joined side by side to take back the mainland hoping to free their nation. During the Second Battle Of Chicago During the End Of the Rivera Federation's Hold On Earth, the Valor Resistance and the United States Armed Forces teamed-up to defeat the Federation Strike 7 Forces In Chicago and Send them Fleeing Back Into the Stars Of Space.

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Battle With The Federation Strike 7 Edit

Raiders Above Surburbia

Raider's Searching the Abandon Subrubia for any Resistance Cells that are Tormenting with their Forces...

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The Valor Resistance uses A large Majority Of Rivera Federation Weapons, But as well as A Couple Of Weapons and Equipment that have been abandoned By American Forces Forces During their Retreat from Chicago. The most common weapons the American resistance uses is Rivera Federation ARK-78, MG.42, R-47's and The American Newly Developed Made M-90 Carbine. The Valor Resistance also managed to use Army vehicles like Dead Srykers, the Rudder 1's and the Helo attack helicopters.

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