The Hora Universe Is one of the oldest Galaxies In all of Space, and Time. The Hora Universe is home to A Variety of Gas Giants And Planet Factories. It is considered to be the Most Violent Universe In Space Filled With Piracy and deadly space machinery used for certain Actions Such as War, or Even Civil War With It's Own Military Depending on the military planets of Power.

It Is considered to be the Universe Where Planet Regents is. Regents Is Considered To Be the Second Planet In The Hora Universe and The Second Largest Among Destruct or.

Universal Powers Edit


Humudora Is a Gas Giant that contains A variety of Weapons Factories on Platforms and Is basically considered the major Armament system for the Universe of Hora. It Is Home of the Four Horseman, A Race that was banished from Regents In 20 B.E. Despite being a Gas Giant Humudora has a Core that Contains A Few Industries As Well. It is known as The 4th Planet In Hora.


Planet Regents Is the major Futuristic home planet of both the Rohar Federation and The Rangerian Forces.

Regents is A Planet Far older than anything In the Galaxy, It was established by Machines Who were Deliberately Known as Early Orienes in the year 991,000,000 B.E, where it was even created by military use and strong point munitions.

Regents is considered to be the 2nd planet In The Hora Universe and The Second Largest Among Destruct or.

Destruct orEdit

Destruct or Is A Munitions World That Is Filled With Major Space Gangs and Piracy, This World Is the Highest of the Crime Rating In The Beginning Of 200 B.E To 10 B.E. Many Gangs Would Often Loot Ships that are Close To The Planet and would sometimes Take the Ships for their Own Use for Future Rival Gangs. Destruct or Is The 5th Planet In The Universe Of Hora.


Dogorna Is the Heart of The Pirates of the Hora Universe. Dogorna Is Another Gas Giant that is made up of multiple Space Port Platforms and a large Variety Of Armory's. The Pirates Of Dogorna Are Considered to be system wide and Loot a large Amount of Ships that Are In Deep Space.

Dogorna has a huge Rivalry With Regents and would often Loot and Destroy Most Regian Ships along with Destruct or Pirates Who Interfere. Dogorna Is The 1st Planet in The Universe of Hora.


Elevation Is A Gas Giant That Contains A Large Quantity of Gas Refineries that often Suck up The Gas From the Planet Itself in an attempt to Create a large Variety of Turbo Fuel that can be used to Fly to Other Worlds In the Universe of Hora.

Elevation Is Owned By A Race Known as The Yora, A Race of Workers That were Presumed to be extinct but are not. Elevaiton Is The 3rd Planet In the Hora Universe.

Colonial Worlds and TerritoriesEdit