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  • Sukia Joiria: The Leader Of The Freedom Three Female Trio, She is considered to be the brains of the Group but would sometimes act Immature. She is the only girl among the group with the longest hair. She as well has a huge crush On H.H.R. A.K.A (Harold Highland Rivera) Leader of Team Encore.
  • Yukia Joiria: The Youngest among the Female Trio, but also the clumsiness. Yukia always has the en tendency of revealing her position to the enemy, but as well has the eyes and ears in order to avoid getting hit by the enemy. She has a Huge Crush on Y.H.R. (Young Harrison Rivera) Of Team Encore.
  • Jusikia Joiria: The Most Hot headed among the Girl Trio She is has hair all the way to her back and mostly can act boyish than girlish. She has a huge Crush on H.C.R. (Hunter Core Rivera) Due to the fact that they both have a lot in common. Except H.C.R. is lazier than she is and would often have to force the android to work with her.

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