The Agile War
Date: October 1st, 1198 - February 4th, 1209
Status: Rangerian Victory
  • Rohar Federation Expansion halted...
  • Hail Sector goes Bankrupt...
  • The Aura Barrier's are Constructed...
  • Tensions between Hail Sector and Jermoria Rise...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Agile War was the first Regian Civil War between the Rohar Federation and the Jeromorian Rangerian Forces.

The Rohar Federation Launched an Amphibious Invasion of the Continent of Hottoro, the Newly Colony that was founded by The Second Military Branch of Regents, 2 Months After the Events of The Rain Wars A.K.A The War of The Rain.

The Colony fell in about a number of days after bloody conflict between the two Military War Machines sending the Rangerian armies retreating back into Jeromoria by crossing the Sea of Uroa that was North of their Position.

Some retreated across the Rapping River and into Podosidonoius a continent that was considered to be neutral of the whole war, Not anymore.

Podosidonoius was now going to be a victim of war as well when the Rohar Federation  Invaded in an attempt to over power the Remaining Rangerians in that continent like they did in their colony of Hottoro.

Rohar Federation Attack on Hottoro Edit

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