Stryker Gorger Rivera
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Manufactured: August 4th, 100,000 BE
Destroyed: September 20th, 2287
Industry: Carter 12
Gender: Male
Heart Of: Netherlandic Netherlands
Race: Soul Walker
  • Destroyed By Samantha Goraku During the Fall of Europe in 2287...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Stryker Gorger Roran or Striker In Earth Language is the personal heart of the country of Gorger (Norway). He Is Known To be considered a Past Car Manufactured In 100,000 BE.

He is often used for catching Patrol or Escort Designs, but can also become a unique Armored car due to his intense blast that he shoots from a proton cannon, that can shoot through just about anything.

Stryker can be as well used for An APC for just about 6 troops or be an escort for Rohar Federation troops. Stryker Is considered to be the heart of the country of Gorger, As In Earth Language Norway. Stryker Has most of the Brains out all of the 4 Wheeled Faction, and as well as the Fire Power.

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War of 1211 Edit

When It Came to the War of 1211, Stryker Was mostly used to escort Rohar Federation Transports throughout the Continent of Jeromoria, In other words Rangerian Continent as The Rohar Federation would call it.

When the war ended with the Rangerian's occupation of Harrison, Stryker was forced to resign and pay Legions to the Rangerian Forces.

It wasn't until the 20th Century when Stryker Arrived At New York City with Hunter Core Roran, In order to try and escape the laws that The Rangerians keep pounding among them. After the Second World War News spread though all of Europe as the Rangerians used a portal to head back to their continent of Jeromoria.

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When the events of the R.F.F.S.7. came about, Stryker's Paint was switched from dark Grey too full black, with a bit of Burgundy, too make him look fearless and dangerous.

Still armed with the same basic functions as he did with the Previous Wars, Stryker Was than equipped with Spike tires in which he will be able to drive, up and down, and on the side of Earth Buildings, In order to take Earth forces by complete surprise. He as well has a creeper smirk and freaks just about any one who is in his sight.

During the end of the Galactic War Stryker Was blown apart, by Samantha Goraku with a captured Universal Generation R.800. He was nothing left but a pile of scrap and four lose tires on the ground twirling around until they fell.

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