The Shogun Show Down War
The shogun show down war by meowjar-d3bx4o9 2
Date: January 20th, 1225 - February 2nd, 1225
Conflict: Earth Continental War
Region: South Japan, Asia
Status: Rangerian Victory
  • Lead to the`Regian discovery of the Human Race, and the Island of Japan...
  • Humans See Machines fighing for the first time during the Middle Ages...
  • Rangerians Launch the Amnesia Missile all over Japan...
  • Memory of the Rangerians In Japan, lost...
Race Witness: Humans
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Shogun Showdown War Lead to the Discovery of the Human Race, The True Native Dominant Species of The Earth. The Rangerian Occupied the Lands around the Hsaki Village and Giji Fields that will later on in the Future of Earth's Evolving Species will be considered as the City of Fukuoka.

A War Erupts between the Shogun and Rangerian forces leading to the fall of The Shogun Fort Fuji that was about 6 Miles west of the Village of Kauiji which would later Become known as Tokyo.

The Fall of Fuji forced the Shogun Empire to Surrender the Giji Fields to the Rangerian Invaders, that would later be abandoned 1 Month later after the Earth Continental Civil War, Hallowiea Is occupied and order is Restored, After the war The Japanese People In Memory of The Roangerian Invaders, Were Lost.

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