The Regional Encores 1946 - 4029
Regional Encore Logo
Established: 1946
Fragmentation: 4029
Founder: Ryu Mechanica
War Princess's:
  • Miera Herlem (1946-2000)
  • Hola Hor (2000-2340)
  • Jana Karalin (2340-2599)
  • April Nion (2600-3014)
  • Karen Ranga (3014-3999)
  • Yara Hosia (4000-4029)
Head Quarters:

The Han Ar, Replodover, Jeromoria

Continent of Origin:


Race: Regian
  • Regional Encores (Actual Name)
  • The Encores (Secondary Name)
  • Krauts (Named by the Rohar Federation)
  • Rangerians (Actual name before 1945)
Years Active:

1946 - 4029

Created By: 2091riveraisrael

History Edit

After World War II Edit

Main article: Rangerian Departure From Earth

Foundation Edit

Main article: Encore Enterprise

World War III Edit

Main article: Return To Earth

Galactic War Edit

Main article: Encore Operations During Galactic War

Death Roran Edit

Main article: Universal Death Conflict

Encore War Edit

Main article: The Fourth Regian Civil War

The Hail WarEdit


Military Edit




Trivia Edit

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