The Rain War
The Final Strong Hold Of The Rain Rebels Of Hottoro
Date: June 7th, 982,000,000 B.E - August 13th, 982,000,000 B.E
Status: Strategic Universal United Victory...
  • Strategic Rangarian Victory...
  • Beginning of the Regional Rangeria Forces...
Region: Hottoro, Regents
Operation: Freedom
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Rain Wars was A war Fought between Rangaria and the Hottorian Rain Rebels.

The Rain Wars was considered to be The Rangarian's First War And Was as well was considered to be the Most Wettest and Dangerous War on Regents.

Thick Muddy Fields, Razor Hail, Endless Heavy Downpour and Uncontrollable Tsunami's that occur from The South Regian Sea.

Hottoro Aggression Edit

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Fall of Fort Tundra Edit

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War of The Rain Edit

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Battle of Muddy Hill Edit

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Final Frontier at Riviera Locker Edit

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The Battle At Riviera's Locker Riviera's Locker was the final battle In the Rain Wars, but It considered to be the most destructive Battle ever since Rangeria's Founding In 988,000,000 BE. Despite winning the final frontier against the Rain Rebels and bringing an end to the Rain Wars, the Rangerains have lost a grand total of mirly a hundred thousand Soldiers including another 50,000 that was washed away out to sea.


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