R-96 Devest Roran
R-96 Devest Rivera
Manufactured: August 12th, 199,000 B.E
Destroyed: April 1st, 2281
Industry: Mondo Industries
Gender: Male
  • Continental's
  • Artemis Europe
  • Universal Generation
  • Death Roran
Heart Of: Devest Yugoslavia
Race: Soul Walker
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

R-96 Devest Roran was Manufactured on August 12th 199,000 B.E and was considered to be the Second and only Continental similar to the anchint Regian Ocean God of Riviera Cora, only In Second Best.

R-96 was considered to be the heart of Devest (Yugoslavia) he was spending however most of his time despite being A water Machine on land due to the count of him being the Heart of Devest.

Manufacture Edit

R-96 was manufactured from Mondo Industries Jeromoria making him and his Country, Rangerian Spark.

He mostly would fight on the count of using 2 of his swords or tearing a person or object to shreds using his powerful claws. By the record R-96 never uses guns and would often stick to melee attacks revealing that it is more interesting than shooting like a coward.

R-96 next Rudder-1 are the only Continental's of the Ocean Faction, but spend more time on land than they do in the water. R-96 had arrived on Earth on April 7th, of 100,000 BC joining in with the rest of the Europe that was constantly being constructed.

He has a mind over metal and is pretty dangerous more In water than he is on land, but he still consists of super natural abilites that can allow Water to Invade even the top of the Empire State Building.

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