Princess Ura Jorana Bunny (December 24th, 2170 - December 10th, 2206) Is A Mutated Teen aged Female Bunny that has the Personality of any Teenage Girl. She has known to be the Twin Of her Counter Part Aura Jorana, only with a different Last Name. She was considered to be the Second Female to Command A Military Unit In the Federation Strike 7 Arsenal. She Acts heavily Motherly Towards Negative 9 Just as her Twin Dose to New Harrison Rivera. After the Death Of Negative 9 During the Battle Of Cincinnati In 2180 She Manufactured New Dark Harrison Rivera On June 4th 2184, where She Wired his CPU to become as her Son. She Died During the Closing Events of the Second Battle Of New Gunghollow A Second after New Dark Harrison Rivera on December 10th 2206.

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