New Harrison Roran
New Harrison
Manufactured: 40,000 BC
Destroyed: December 6th, 2399
Industry: Euro's Industries
Gender: Male
Heart of: Harrison Germany
Race: Soul Walker
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

New Harrison Roran was the Reconstructed and reactivated Version of Young Harrison Roran, A.K.A old Harrison, whom died on January 18 2014 from Spark Failure, before events of The European Civil War.

He was re manufactured by Some of his Soul Regians after Using Young Harrison Roran's A.R. Core Spark that was still activated, but was at the brink of shutting down Soon enough.

By the next Day New Harrison Roran was Manufactured, The only thing that was different about this is that Young's old body was disintegrated after Passing away and Ike Koakshi had to use a captured Regian prototype, Z-89 as his Body known as Z-89 Armor, Like the Jet Pack this Armor cannot be removed or Harrison's head will just fall right off into nothing.

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FireArms and Tactics Edit

The MS-14B Z-89 High Mobility Type was essentially a standard Z-89 equipped with a more powerful thruster pack, greatly increasing its speed and mobility.

The Z-89 High Mobility Type was equipped with a twin-bladed beam saber and a high-output beam rifle.

The weapons are no different from the Original Z-89 Mecha and often act by the same color blade, and Laser as It's original Counter Part.

It is able to switch sizes as soon as Harrison transforms from Mobile Mecha Size into Normal Size, he as well can even use it for clearing out the inside of the buildings as well as the Twin bladed Saber, It will be just as similar as fighting in the Pilot's seat of the Z-89 only difference is that Harrison Roran Is the Z-89.