New Dark Harrison Rivera


June 4th, 2187


December 3rd, 2206 (Age: 19)



Fire Arms:

  • 2 Core Pistols
  • ARK-78


Rivera Federation War


Princess Ura Jorana: (Mother)


Killed By U.E.A. Sniper during the Second Battle Of New Gunghollow

New Dark Harrison Roran (June 4th, 2187 - December 3rd, 2206) or N.D.H.R. For Short Was a Re manufactured Version Of Negative 9 Who Was Perished By New Harrison Roran during The Battle of Cincinnati on January 29th, of 2180, His Death Lead to the Universal Generation Defeat At Cincinnati Brutally Crippling them. N.D.H.R works with his Young Teenage Mother Princess Ura Jorana and Commandeers the Moonwalkers With her.

He was shot and Killed Followed By his Mother By Princess Ura Jorna the Younger Sister of His Mother Ura Jorana, During The Second Battle of New Gunghollow on December 3rd of 2206.

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