Industrial Complex (August 13th, 1201 - July 4th, 1991) Is A Riverian Court For Sentencing Vehicles, Such as Planes, Cars, Drop Ships, Space Ships, and Even Submarines. The Court System was Founded by Edward Industrial In Germany In 1201, and was one of the most successful Courts In Europe... The Court Sentenced Rudder 1 Judgetra Rivera Do Be Scrapped for Violation 20 Of Jeromoria after the Second World War, but was later Switched when Encorian Sara Judegtra Rivera Convinced the Opposite Court To Punish him In another way and that she will make sure she would never let him do the actions that he once did during the War. The Court Instead Sentenced Rudder 1 To Imprisonment In HailFax Harbor In Canada for a grand period no less than 43 Years. The Court went Down 2 Years after Rudder 1's Release from HailFax Harbor, due to The Problems that were Occurring In the Vehicle Court Systems The System was way too expensive too run and had to be Shut Down... it is yet unknown If the System will Reboot again, but it is Humbly Doubtful