Fall Of Jeromoria
FS7 Forces Crush the Final Encore Stronghold At Encore Fields...


March 19th, 2158 - April 3rd, 2158


  • Federation Strike 7
  • Rivera Encore Forces


Decisive FS7 Victory...


  • Lead To the Beginning Of The Universal War...
  • Rivera Encore Forces, Scattered all over the country and are being hunted down one by one by The Federation Strike 7 War Machine...
  • Encore Forces Continue to Resist against FS7 Occupation...

The Invasion Jeromoria Was A Surprise Invasion By The Federation Strike 7 That was similar to the Rivera Federation Invasion during the War Of 1211, Only this time the Whole continent of Jeromoria came under Occupation Of the Entire Federation Strike 7, and The Invasion was unleashed from Both Beltlogger Sector and Europodia too the South. Jeromoria Despite Occupation was Considered to be the only Continent to Fight the Federation Strike 7 Occupation during The Years Of the Rivera Federation War.

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