The Aura Barrier separates the Rivera Federation from the Rouges, it stretches from NoTunroua, all the way to the South Riverian Sea. It was constructed in BC due to endless Civil War between the Rivera Federation and The Rivera Rouge Forces. When the Barrier was completed in 1200 there was peace for up to about 10 Years, until It's destruction by the Rivera Federation on 1211.

Destruction During The War Of 1211 Edit

Before The Events Of The War Of 1211 The Rivera Federation was Forbidden from leaving their Continent Of Beltlogger Sector under the Specific Orders Of Rivera Federation Defense Prime Horad Ford who almost lost his Power due to the Agile War that happened about 2 Years Ago. After Many Difficult Economical Problems with Citizens Rioting and Creating Propaganda Posters of The Rivera Rouge Forces blaming them for everything that they are going through with Financial troubles and more. After a number of Protest On Rivera Federation Defense Prime Ford the Rivera Federation High Command With his Orders began to Organize Military Personal in order to keep control of Beltlogger Sector's Uncontrollable War Antics.

The Unfortunately Beltlogger Sectarian Citizens eventually began to launch Devastating Attacks of Guerrilla Warfare On Jeromorian Citizens Known as Operation Agile In Jeromoria Across The Aura Barricade with the help of some Anti Rouge Officials, despite The Rivera Federation forces who arrested all of these Anti Rouge Guerrilla War fare Fighters upon the Return to HailStone City The Anti Rouge Officials began convincing the Rivera Federation High Command that the Rouges were giving a false Lies to The Rivera Federation Defense Prime revealing that the second Military Branch is planning On Informing Dictator Horrace Folman that The Rivera Federation Military must be Shut Down due to Treason of Initiating A War against It's Own Military. The Rivera Federation High Command called this Lie An Outrage and began Organizing All Of Beltlogger Sector For Massive War against the Second Military Branch Of Rivera, there By Taking the entire of Jeromoria Under Rivera Federation Control and Wiping Out the Rivera Rouges out of Riverian Existence making the Rivera Federation the only Military On Rivera. At 11 In the Morning the Rivera Federation destroyed the Aura Barricades and Launched a Surprise Invasion Of The Rouge Home Continent of Jeromoria across the Boarder from the Rivera Federation Continent of Beltlogger Sector.